My big move!

So as I’ve told many of you on instagram I moved out of Wales and into Gloucester Saturday.
I made the big decision in March to leave my job if two years, it was making me so unhappy and depressed! I left my job with no other job lined up, which was a HUGE risk. But I came to the conclusion that I’m too young to be working just for money, my happiness matters! The moment I handed in that notice, a weight lifted off my shoulders and I was excited to see what my future held.
Job hunting is not glamorous in any shape or form. The traveling, the stress of interviews and prep is exhausting. I knew what law role i wanted and was willing to move anywhere to get it.
When I got the job in Gloucester it was everything I wanted. Although I’d never even been to Gloucester before and I don’t know anyone there, I knew I was going to have to relocate.
So a few weeks on, I relocated into a house share with people I’d never met before, into a town where i had never been and to a job in completely new area of law. I know many people may read this and think, i couldn’t do that, I wouldn’t have the guts to etc. But I’m a huge believer in everything happens for a reason, now everything is falling into place and i couldn’t be happier. None of this would have happened if i hadn’t taken risks.

Take risks and follow your dreams, because if the last few months has taught us anything it’s that life is too short.Β 


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