The Good Guru

I get sent a lot of products to try by different companies, but I only really review or endorse companies that I like or I believe have something unique. I want you guys to buy into great products instead of celebrity ‘fads’.

The team at The Good Guru were kind enough to send me their range to review. I couldn’t believe how generous they were when the package arrived!

Why are they different?

I fell in love with their packaging, i know i’m weird like that. But it’s so pretty and clean looking! Supplement companies tend to be really ‘manly’ looking with dark colours with random flames and lightening bolts! But the Good Gurus products are clean, simple and as i’m totally obsessed with anything rose gold right now, their kids are perfect!

Good oats and berries.

Now I’m one for being OBSSESSED with proats; for breakfast, lunch and dinner if I could! So I thought the oats would be pretty standard compared to my usual.

But what I love love love about these is that the protein is already in the oats for you and they have little freeze dried berries added to them for a punch of berry flavour! Even with this fruit added the sugar content is still very low, so it’s a perfect addition to your diet whatever goal you may have.

I don’t know, if like me, you just hate it when you run out of protein or you make a really bland bowl of oats (it happens to the best of us!) but by having everything you need in one you always have a tasty bowl of oats! Plus their gluten free! It’s worth noting that I pay £3 for a small bag of GF oats, a whole 1kg tub is only £12.95!

The Muscle and Tone Isolate Protein comes in a similar container as the oats which I love! The protein itself is thick, creamy, the only downfall is that I miss having wacky protein flavours! Chocolate and vanilla just isn’t enough anymore! But you can’t argue with protein that’s made using high quality whey from grass-fed cows, no artificial sweeteners and GMO free.

I also had a cute protein shaker, capsule container for all my vitamins which is so handy and turmeric capsules which I have been taking daily, but it’s too early to tell it’s benefits!

Check them out at


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