Le Gavroche – My Michelin Starred Experience


I’m a huge Foodie, I love going out to restaurants, trying different foods admiring the ambiance and appreciating the finesse that goes into some of the dishes. Admittedly I’m not your fast food kind of girl, I love fine dining, well to be honest I just love food that’s been cooked with passion! You can’t beat it!

One of my bucket list to do’s had been to eat at a Michelin starred restaurant and fortunately I ticked that one off in 2014. I decided to write about it now because as a major throwback and just because it was an amazing experience and I would urge anyone to do it!

I was so lucky to eat at Michel Roux Jr’s Le Gavroche two Michelin starred restaurant in Mayfair London. I chose this because Michel Roux Jr is one of my favourite chefs and Le Gavroche has so much history to it!

The booking was three months in advance so its not something you can decide to do on the day, it takes a little bit of planning.

I was 22 years old attending a 2 Michelin Starred restaurant, at first I felt as though I would be so out of place there. But the staff were amazing, they made me feel right at home and at ease.

The room was dimly lit, with candles and soft music playing, it felt like you were dining in Paris.

I even met Michel Roux Jr! He came out of the kitchen to take the time to meet and greet everyone at their tables. To say I was a little star struck would be an understatement.


The Menu 

We had the tasting menu – Menu Exceptionnel; 9 courses of pure food heaven!


Every single course was beautifully presented, dainty and full of flavour.

My favourite had to be the Braised and Smoked Pork cheek; never tasted anything with so much flavour as that.

Sorry about the photo quality it was a dimly lit room!

I think 2 years is enough to wait… Time to start planning my next Michelin starred restaurant to visit.


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