Gaming is an underrated anti-depressant. 

Computer games or games consoles have always had a bad reputation for encouraging people towards violence and becoming socially under-developed, even though it’s a growing market, the benefits of them are never promoted. 

I, myself am a huge gamer, I always have been. I play online multiplayer computer games and on my games console. This comes to a surprise for many people as there are not many ‘girl gamers’ out there and there’s usually a stereotype associated with the average ‘gamer’. 
Why do I play? firstly enjoyment of course, I actually like playing these games. However, lately i’ve noticed how playing after work or on the weekend has helped me sleep and relaxes me. The other night I tried to go to sleep early, led there for hours instead wide awake, so I got up, played a few games of League of Legends then went straight to sleep. For me, it allows me to shut off mentally and concentrate on something other than my own thoughts. 

All forms of anxiety work on the power of attention; the more you focus on it, the worse it gets. Which is why distractions are encouraged as a way to reduce your anxiety, so making yourself preoccupied by a game reduces your anxiety significantly. 

Let’s be honest though, we all experience anger, stress and anxiety. Some days all you want to do is punch a wall, scream into your pillow, basically anything just to get those out!
So even if you aren’t faced with a mental illness, gaming is a great way to relieve the stresses of everyday life. If you make the choice to play a video game after work, you will experience faster recovery from stress and you’ll be able to handle that stress much better the next day.

So next time you’re feeling stressed… kick back and pick up a controller. 


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