Part Two – 6 Week Cut 

6 weeks is over!

My ‘mini cut’ is done, how do I feel? relieved. 

Honestly. I wasn’t completely happy with the structure of the plan I was following. I think you lose weight yes, but it felt excessive. As a rule of thumb I would NEVER tell anyone to completely ditch carbs and the closer I came towards the end of the plan, the more I felt unhappy with what I was doing.
Yes, I told everyone what I was doing on my social media platforms but in no way did I promote the lack of carbs, simply I didn’t want that to be the message I’d send to people. Especially as I worked so hard myself to get out of the mind-set that carbs are bad for you because that’s a toxic way to think which can escalate.

Week four was a bit of a right off, I went to Dublin, I had been on a date (and as we all know dating ruins diets) 😂 So you can tell I had a slip up just by looking at my progress picture. Week five and six were much better, as I felt like I had catching up to do after a bad week four! 

Week four > Week five

Yes I’m leaner, I’ve lost a bit body fat but I haven’t weighed myself because I don’t want to, i’m happy with how I look and I don’t want to put a number to that.
Trialling a six week cut was an experiment for myself. Just to see how I’d react mentally and how I felt. I think people who compete are amazing and I have the utmost respect for them, but I don’t think competing is for me. I like having a bit of fat, shaping my body to be a bit curvier with more muscle and I enjoy lifting heavy.

All in all though, it’s probably the leanest I’ve been without being ‘skinny’

Start > Week 6

But now its time to focus on a lean bulk for 15 weeks, lift heavy again and put some muscle on. Looking forward to seeing the changes next year when I come to do a proper cut.

So goodbye abs and hello big booty and PBs.


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