6 week cut – Part one.

I’ve recently got myself into a bit of modelling, something i never thought I would enjoy…but i love it. It’s a great way to show that us strong girls are sexy too!

I’ve never done a strict cut before, but with a few photoshoots coming up it was something I wanted to look into doing. My good friend and personal trainer Daniel, designed a plan for me, him and two of our other friends to follow. Although our plans followed the same principle of carb cycling, the macros were tailored to us individually. Its so good doing this cut with others, we could moan about the lack of carbs, motivate eachother and be proud of each others progress!

Check out his facebook page Polaris Fitness for tailored diet plans, nutrition advice.

So when I started this I was 24% body fat and weighed 10.3 stone. My aim was to drop body fat without hindering muscle mass. I will weigh again once the 6 weeks are up and have my body fat re-measured.

Instead of posting a huge blog post from my 6 weeks I thought it would be better to split it into two posts…part one and part two.

  • So the cut was a high carb day, a low carb day & a no carb day; alternating everyday for 6 weeks.
  • When we lost 3lbs we earnt our cheat meal.
  • LISS everyday at 45 mins, with our heart rate not going over 140bpm

My Macros 

Please, please, please remember these are tailored to MY body, MY activity levels and MY weight.

High carb day

Protein 140g
Fats – 40g
Carbs – 230g

Low carb day 

Protein – 180g
Fats – 70g
Carbs – 115g

No carb day (excludes veggies) 

Protein – 230g
Fats – 90g
Carbs – 0g

A list of foods I’m eating.


  • Chicken
  • Turkey
  • White Fish
  • Steak
  • Eggs
  • Whey
  • Tuna


  • Avocado
  • Peanut Butter
  • Coconut Oil
  • Almonds
  • Cashews
  • Walnuts


  • Rice
  • Pasta
  • Sweet potato
  • Oats
  • Fruit

Me being me, I obviously added protein pancakes, mug cakes etc to my meal plan but making sure they fit my macros.

Week One

I found it so much easier to plan and prep my meals each day. I didn’t mind eating the same thing throughout this process, food was fuel at this point and it would be easier for me to stay on track and hit my macros.

I’m not going to sugar coat this and say how ‘surprisingly easy it was’ no, no, week one I STRUGGLED! I gained a new found respect for anyone that competes!!

My problem is not that I struggle to cut carbs, eat less or be on a strict diet. My problem is that I find it difficult to eat ENOUGH, when you have macros to hit daily you realise how hard it is. On high carb days I felt like I was constantly eating, a bit like Bradd Pitt in oceans eleven.

Now if you’ve read my blog, you know how I feel about weighing, I hate it. But now I had to weigh again and a few days in, my bad habits came creeping back; wanting to hit that 3lb loss I became more focused on eating less than hitting my macros. By Friday I admittedly went 24hours without food. I was so ashamed and wanted to quit this cut, thankfully I had amazing support & made the personal choice to use progress pictures as a way to measure my progress and ditch the scales again. It was always going to be hard for me but hey, that’s years of fighting an eating disorder for you, apparently I’m still fighting that side of me.

After seeing the progress in the first week i was determined to start the second week fresh and do it properly. Below is start > the end of week one.

Week Two

Well, this week was a breeze compared to the previous week. I was getting used to the different days and even the zero carb days no longer phased me! At this point I still didn’t want a cheat meal, I didn’t need one so I decided not to have one. I’m sure many of you will say I should to keep myself sane and my body guessing but what’s the point in force feeding myself junk if I didn’t want it?

Throughout this week I was feeling leaner by the day; my leggings, shorts and other items of clothing were starting to get really baggy on me. Not weight loss, but more I could feel myself getting tighter.

Below is my progress from start > week one > week two. Again, I’m still not weighing but that’s my personal preference.


Week 3


The daily cardio is the worst part, purely because I’m used to doing High intensity interval training where its for a short period of time. Instead this steady cardio for 45 minutes is SO BORING! On the plus side its a great way to catch up on the TV series I have missed!

Wednesday, my high carb day; I stayed on track all throughout the day until I had my food cooked for me after work… An ‘American taco salad’ Mince meat, 2 large bags of Doritos crushed up, cheese, sour cream, guacamole… My kind of salad, followed by a couple of glasses of vino because it would be rude not to. This was the first cheat meal I’d had in two and half weeks and boy was it delicious!

I woke up in the morning feeling just as lean as the night before, it proves that one cheat meal wont ruin your progress,  just like eating one healthy meal won’t give you abs. Its important to enjoy yourself.

Friday, zero carb day. This was the first time throughout this cut where I hated it. It’s not even that I was craving junk food, I was just fed up of feeling like all I was doing was constantly eating. Boy was I in a mood, my poor work colleagues, listening to me moan about eating chicken, but I preserved and got through the day!

Waking up, Saturday morning ready to take my progress picture and was amazed by the results! All of my moaning the day before seemed so silly, when you see progress it makes it all worth while!

Saturday was a bit of a right off, after a night out and a couple of gins, I also ordered a dominoes at 3am. My second cheat meal in one week…oops. Woke up Sunday, feeling guilty because I had been doing so well, but no time to dwell on it, instead I got back on track and decided to have two zero carb days to make up for it. I was determined to make week 4 a good one!

So below is my progress from the end of week 3 and a comparison from the end of week one to the end of week three.



Here’s to the next three weeks!



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