A letter to the woman I used to be. 

A letter to the woman I used to be.

So I saw this on a social media page and was truly inspired. it’s a letter to yourself, as you used to be giving yourself tips! I wanted to do my own version & I encourage you to do the same! It really shows you how far you’ve come, whether it’s a short time or whether it has been a long journey.

1. Starving yourself is NOT the way to lose weight. 

It may seem the logical thing to do right, don’t eat, don’t consume calories = lose weight… right? WRONG. If you do this you will look gaunt, grey & bony. You need to eat your body with the right foods, trust me you’ll look the best version of yourself.

2. Cheat days and rest days are ok don’t beat yourself up.

I understand, you’ve put the work in all week so why would you want to ‘ruin’ it with one unhealthy meal. Do it for your mind & wellbeing. Don’t be that person in a group of friends who can’t eat out because of their training plan.

Don’t obsess over training and thinking that eating one bad meal will set you back months. Enjoy your life, because it’s too short. So if you want that pizza you have that pizza girl!

3. Don’t let the number on the scales control your life. 

I admit I have spent most of my teens obsessing over the number on the scales. but why? IT IS JUST A NUMBER. Don’t weigh yourself everyday it will just mess with your mood. It’s ok that your body fluctuates weight; it’s normal it shouldn’t put you in a bad mood.

Throw those scales out!!!! base your progress on how you feel on the inside and outside. Take pictures and watch yourself change by eye, this will give you more confidence. There is nothing better than seeing progress for yourself.

4. Don’t be ashamed of who you are and don’t justify yourself to please others. 

For years I have been embarrassed about having anxiety/depression. Pretending I’m ‘normal’, well I’m not… admit this to yourself and start living because your friends, your family they all understand & they are all there for you. To those people who don’t understand your journey, don’t understand what living this lifestyle does for your mental and physical wellbeing, ignore them. Do you! stop justifying yourself to people. You love this lifestyle…so live it.


Photo credit & outfit from: http://www.V3Apparel.com


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