Fitness Myths 

Friends of mine have started their fitness journey recently and they ask me things about training & nutrition which are common misconceptions. So I wanted to bust some of the fitness myths I get asked about…

Weightlifting makes women bulky.

Time and time again I’ve heard women and men ignorantly say that women shouldn’t lift weights because it will make them ‘bulky’. seriously? where did this come from? Even though many articles and scientific research has PROVEN that women don’t have as much testosterone as men, therefore being incapable of gaining the same amount of muscle, this myth is still believed by so many.

Fact;Weightlifting and lifting heavy burns fat & tightens your body. Get lifting girls and lifting heavy!
How many of you are told by friends, family & colleagues; ‘not to get too big’ ? myself included! The only advice I can give is; keep on doing you, because there will come a time when those same people ask you how you did it.

I can honestly say that weightlifting has enhanced my curves and has gave me a figure which I think is femininely sexy!! I am still mostly a size 6/8 in UK clothes, the same as I was prior to weight training, however everything fits better due to dropping body fat. ok, some trousers I need a size 10 but hay I have a squat booty now.

Carbs are evil!..

Poor carbs, they have such a bad reputation. A few years ago I believed that carbs made you fat & I tried every ‘no carb’ diet there was. What was the result? ok I lost weight but I had no energy to work out, which eventually led to me putting the weight back on or just eating less on my case. That vicious cycle I’m sure you are all familiar with. It wasn’t until this winter where I decided to ‘bulk’ by introducing more carbs into my diet than I was used to. I quickly saw the benefits… more energy, I began getting up earlier to workout & started to love food again! your body needs carbs for energy yes, but I also noticed my muscles growing & I began smashing my PBs in the gym.

Don’t be scared of carbs, introduce wholemeal carbs, even try going gluten free and enjoy the benefits!!

You can target where you lose body fat 

If only this were true then I would work on my stomach everyday and forget everything else! But no, you cannot target where the body fat is lost from. Instead you have to reduce your body fat as a whole.

You have to eat less to lose weight. 

No. No. No. I would love to go back and tell my younger self that starving yourself will not make you happy! Yes ok, in the short term you lose weight. But you are also malnourished, lacking energy and the rate in which you lose the weight is so quick you lose both muscle and fat, resulting in sagging skin. Nice.
On average, I eat 2100 calories a day and that is me currently cutting. I’ve lost more body fat eating that amount, than I ever did eating just 500 calories a day.
I eat that amount because I’m constantly active and my body needs it for fuel. If anything, some days I should be eating more for the amount I do.

It’s simple, it’s not about eating LESS it’s about eating CLEAN and eating for the body you want!

Are there any fitness myths you are fed up of hearing? Comment below and let me know! 


2 thoughts on “Fitness Myths 

  1. jlstanding says:

    Yeah I think people having that restrictive mentality and believing that it is the way to happiness is a tough one for me. I used to live on salad greens thinking they would make me skinny! Nothing could have been further from the truth. Great post.

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  2. Nicole Osborne says:

    I love this post! It’s just so spot on, I was totally nodding along to everything as I was reading. I started lifting more towards the end of last year, focusing more on weights and less on cardio and I feel so wonderful for it. I’m finally seeing the changes in my body that I was dreaming of (but never achieving) before. I also now eat a vegan whole foods based diet and have never felt better, and I haven’t gained any weight at all, whereas before I would be eating sometimes under 1,000 calories a day, I felt awful and I was in no way better off than I am now!
    Nicole xx

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