Savse Smoothies 


The guys at Savse Smoothies, sent me their amazing range of smoothies to try, just look at those colours! I couldn’t wait to taste. As someone who is constantly on the go, now and then I do treat myself to a smoothie or a juice as a way to get my fruit and veg in, however I am very conscious about what actually goes in them. I would love to have the time to make my own from scratch every morning, but I don’t.

I couldn’t wait to try the Savse range, not only is it the most diverse range of flavours I’ve seen but they are cold pressed, 100% natural and sugar free, finally a range I can enjoy without worrying about the sugar content. I did have my reservations about the taste of them, even though they look delicious…can something that natural also taste good? I have tried some awful raw juices previously, most raw, cold pressed juices focus on how many different types of veg and fruit they can cram in without considering the taste, leaving a lot of them tasting like grass…

I tried two flavours every day; one to kick start my morning and another after the gym.

  •  Day one: My first juice I wanted to stick with a classic to begin with and went for the Super Green. Packed with pear, broccoli, kiwi, lemon, banana, kale, spinach and apple this is a great way to get greens in one go. I have tried many different super green smoothies, including ones I make myself and I have to say this one is my favourite by far as it doesn’t leave a bitter after taste as many do.
  • Protein punch; Coconut, Pineapple, Lime, Vanilla, Maca, Whey Protein I love how they have added whey protein into a juice, a great idea and something I haven’t really thought of doing. Personally, it was a bit too creamy for me, I’m not the biggest fan of coconut in drinks but if you love coconut and thick smoothies this one is for you! A great way to add some extra protein regardless!
  • Day two: Super blue – Blueberry, Kale, Beetroot, Spinach, Blackcurrant, Apple, Strawberry, Orange. Although this smoothie is packed full of different fruits and vegetables, I’m personally not the biggest fan of beetroot, it’s too strong for me as I can always taste/smell it if it’s in a smoothie, no matter how little is in there.
  • Super Red; Strawberry, Orange, Kale, Spinach, Broccoli, Celery. Loved this one! Out of all the smoothies this was definitely my favourite one; it was thick, sweet, zesty and filling! Rich in vitamin C, this is a great little pick me up smoothie!
  • Day three: Grove orange juice; Grove Orange. I love orange juice, I can drink pints of it, especially in the morning. As I love orange juice, I didn’t expect a raw, cold pressed version to be anywhere near as tasty as my usual brand. How wrong was I! By far the best orange juice I’ve had, even my brother loved it and he hates anything ‘healthy.’ I was gutted that I only had the one bottle, as I could have quite easily drunk another. And on another plus note its 100% orange, nothing else added into it!
  • Super orange; Mango, Celery, Apple, Lemon, Orange, Passion Fruit, Carrot. I love anything tropical and fruity and this smoothie didn’t disappoint. I enjoyed this in the sun with some ice, post cardio. Perfect! I would recommend storing all of these juices in the fridge, they taste so much better when cold.
  • Day four: Jonagold Apple juice; Jonagold Apple. 100% Apple juice with no added fuss! This juice was a great way to start the day. Sweet, natural and tangy with apple if you are a fan of apple juice you will love this! Plus, with no added sugar it’s so much better for you.
  • Super Purple – Beetroot, Apple, Lemon, Lime, Mango, Avocado, Coconut. I knew before I tasted this one I wouldn’t like it, purely because of the beetroot, as explained before the earthy taste just isn’t for me. Doesn’t mean it’s not a nice smoothie, but for my personal taste it’s not my favourite from their range.


So which one was my favourite? It was a close one between the Jonagold apple juice and the Grove orange juice, but I have to say the super orange was my favourite; it tastes better than any orange juice I’ve had and it’s packed full of natural goodness.

Most juices and smoothies stick to the standard ‘green juices’, ‘earthy juices and a ‘tropical juice’ however Savse have gone out of their way to create delicious flavours and add nutritional extras such as protein and superfoods like Maca to create a healthy drink that benefits your body and tastes great.
These smoothies will definitely be my go to when I need a pick me up or to add an extra nutritional boost into my day, I love how healthy they make you feel!



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