Mind Muscle Connection

I love watching Youtube fitness videos and I can honestly end up spending hours watching them for training tips and workout ideas. I was watching Swiller Nation with Steve Cook a few weeks ago and he mentioned during training why he gets his training partners to tap the muscle he’s working on during his set. It’s to remind his mind of the area he’s trying to focus on.

So I decided to try this out in my own training sessions, but apart from one thing…I don’t train with a partner. Instead, during each rep I tried to remind myself which muscle I was trying to utilise during this workout.

I noticed a huge improvement in my chest sessions. I can be guilty of utilising my shoulders during a chest press, by doing this I’m not hitting the muscles in my chest like i should be. But, by introducing this little technique and taking the press off my shoulders and onto my chest, I could feel it hitting my muscle more. I even had to lower the weight.

After looking a bit more into it, apparently it’s called mind muscle connection. It’s not about how heavy you can lift, its about proper form and focusing on targeting the correct muscles. So, next time you hit the gym try a lower weight, higher reps, take it slow and really focus your mind on the muscle you are working and feel the burn! I find it helps blasting some music into your ears and really getting in the zone.

Train smart guys it really makes a difference.Β 

Below my personal 3 week transformation on my shoulders and biceps. Although, I’ve lost definition I’ve gained size. I put this down to being in a calorie surplus and really concentrating on my form in the gym rather than the weight I’m lifting.


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