Why you shouldn’t let the scales define you

Up until 6 months ago my daily mood and how I dressed was determined by that number between my feet…my weight. Weighing everyday became part of my routine which, in turn became an unhealthy obsession.

There is so much media surrounding body image and what society thinks the ideal weight is. At almost 5ft 4 according to BMI I can weigh between 7st 10lbs – 10st 6lb and be considered ‘healthy’

Throughout the past few years I have weighed between 8st – 10st. So, even though according to a chart I have always been a healthy weight, I didn’t look or feel healthy. Constantly lethargic and lacking nutrition I decided enough was enough, so I took a step and binned my scales!

The first few days were tough. But over the next few weeks I didn’t miss it, in fact I knew felt better for it! That small step ended up being the biggest step to changing my life.

Putting in the hours at the gym I knew I needed another way to track my progress and keep motivated, which is when I stumbled upon progress pictures…best thing I have ever done! Seeing your body change through pictures rather than the weight you are is so much better for the soul. Seeing these changes, no matter how small, made me feel more proud than losing pounds ever did.

Today, I don’t count calories, I don’t weigh myself and I don’t cut carbs. It’s true when they say muscle weighs more than fat, I know I’ve put on weight but I don’t care, I’m the best I’ve ever felt and I’m in the best shape of my life. Even though I’m heavier, I have less fat, more muscles and my clothes fit me so much better than before.

I would encourage everyone to ditch the scales and start taking progress pictures.

You really are more than just a number.  


3 thoughts on “Why you shouldn’t let the scales define you

  1. Primus Reviews- Games and Gains says:

    That’s the thing about figure, it’s all perpective. If you think you look good, you feel good and aren’t going crazy with junk food, then enjoy your body!
    Becoming aesthetic and becoming healthy are 2 different things! (But I must say you’ve covered both nice abs!)

    You can act pretty, you can buy fancy, but everbody has their own unique beauty which shines in their own respective light!


  2. Deniza says:

    Wow very similar story to mine! I am happy not to track every gram/calorie anymore and not weigh myself every morning either. Actually, i am the leanest I have been and I am not even trying to be (eating healthy and exercising of course). This was an excellent post to motivate me , thank you! Xoxo Deniza

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